Fur Handling

You are better off selling it in the carcass than skinning it incorrectly. Skinning and stretching and drying fur incorrectly may decrease the value to zero.

Carcass (unskinned)
  • Clean dirt, blood, and burrs from the fur (may wash carcass fur, let drip dry)
  • Keep in cool dry place (if the weather is warm--freeze)
  • If fur is frozen, partially thaw before selling (place fur on a cement floor for 6-12 hours before selling) The fur should not be completely thawed. 
  • If the weather is above 40 degrees do NOT thaw at all.

Green (skinned)
  • Skinned fur must be sold immediately or quickly frozen
  • Do NOT hang green fur
  • Never wash skinned fur (water on skin side will taint pelts
  • Keep larger animals with heavy flesh (coyote, raccoon, beaver, badger) 5-6 hours in a cool room or until partially thawed before selling
  • Keep smaller animals with light flesh (fox, muskrat, mink) 1-2 hours in cool room or until partially thawed before selling

Stretched and dried
  • Pelts must be scraped free of excess fat (Raccoons, beaver)
  • Stretch on proper wire or wood stretchers (Except beaver, which should be stretched in an oval shape) 
  • Raccoon, muskrat, mink, opossum are stretched fur-side-in
  • Red fox, coyote, and bobcats are stretched fur-side-out
Be sure to call before you come, and don't thaw fur until you call.